What does optimal wellness mean to you? Sometimes, in the midst of chronic and life-limiting illness, optimal wellness is difficult to imagine or believe. Optimal wellness is what is optimal for you right now, even in the face of chronic or life-limiting illness. There are endless stories of individuals who were faced with stage 4 cancer, debilitating fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis, or uncontrolled diabetes facing amputations who turned their illness into wellness by changing their lifestyle. It is not impossible, and studies have shows that it is more common than you might think. People just need the right information, the willingness to make change, and the belief that changes will make a difference.

Are you willing to make change right now? How committed are you to making that change? Would having a support system help you maintain that commitment? I invite you to contact me regarding a complimentary wellness check. Together, we will look at your most pressing issues and what you can do to making change.