How Wellness Coaching Can Help You with Chronic or Life-limiting Illness

At Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching, I offer a holistic approach to optimal wellness, which includes tools, coaching, and resources to help you improve your quality of life while facing chronic or life-limited illness, no matter what your condition or stage of your illness. Additionally, I offer coaching to family caregivers who are caring for loved ones experiencing chronic or life-limiting illness, and provide one-on-one and group grief support. I invite you to request a complimentary wellness check session to see if I am a good fit for you. 

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Holistic Health and Wellness

Certified in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching, my sessions with you will focus on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. We will explore your health issues, nutrition and dietary needs, any physical limitations, limiting beliefs about your chronic or life-limiting illness, and goals for a better quality of life. I will incorporate the dimensions of wellness to establish a plan that is right for you, which may include mindfulness and meditation practices, the use of essential oils, recommendations for dietary changes, movement activities, and/or Reiki energy healing.

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Spiritual Care

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I will guide you on an exploration of your Truth and the awareness of God's presence in your life. We will explore the limiting beliefs and obstacles in the way of your highest good, and affirm your Truth using Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment is affirmative prayer that recognizes the God-self within us while revealing our spiritual truth, which opens the space for the creation of good even in the face of chronic or life-limiting illness. In other words, it is a prayer that recognizes God is all there is, I am one with God, all the goodness of God is available to me, and I am grateful and receptive to receiving that good. We speak with the voice of God and the Law responds. Click here to find out more. 

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Coaching Support for Family Caregivers

Caregivers may experience compassion fatigue (a stress response from the continuous caring of others, also referred to as burnout) while their loved one is facing challenges of chronic or life-limiting illness. Compassion fatigue may lead to feelings of helplessness, confusion, or isolation while attempting to balance work, family, and the responsibilities of being a caregiver. 

At Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching, I offer coaching support to family caregivers to help reduce the impact of the stress from caring for others, help balance home, work, and family life, and help reduce the risk of compassion fatigue. Together, we will discuss your biggest challenges and needs, and focus on your own wellness goals. For more information, please contact me

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EFT/Meridian Energy Health Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an energy healing modality similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles. It is a non-invasive practice using tapping on meridian points on the body to open blockages in our energy bodies. We are all made up of energy and stress, traumatic events, and health issues can create blockages in our energy bodies that keep us stuck and in that perpetual feeling of bondage from our emotions. Energy blockages can cause pain and discomfort, anxiety and depression, fear and isolation, and chronic and life-limiting illness. 

As a certified EFT/Merdian Energy Health Tapping Practitioner, I can help you open up the blockages that are keeping you stuck so you can achieve optimal wellness. Please click the button below to schedule a complimentary wellness check to see how EFT can help you.

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Compassionate Bereavement Care

Individuals may experience grief for many reasons. The most common reasons are from the death or separation from a loved one. Other reasons include loss of a job, loss of finances, loss of health or mobility, or physical limitations while facing chronic or life-limiting illness. Sometimes grief is anticipatory, or related to the expectation of a pending loss.  As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider, I will share tools and resources available to help you work through your grief. I offer Grief Recovery Support Groups and one-on-one Grief Recovery work in the Phoenix area, and one-on-one Compassionate Bereavement Care. Most sessions are held in the Phoenix area. Click here or contact me for more information.

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Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

As a group meditation facilitator and daily mindfulness and meditation practitioner, I may lead you in a guided meditation, or provide you with access to a guided meditation that allows for clearing of the mind and help instill a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of the present moment without judgment. During stressful situations and health crises, such as with chronic or life-limiting illness, mindfulness instills a sense of calm and peace in the place of fear and anxiety. Mindfulness practices can be formal, such as meditation or yoga, or can be informal. Informal mindfulness practices may simply be staying present and mindful of everyday moments as they are happening, such as in conversation, driving, or doing daily activities. As a client, we will explore mindfulness practices you can implement into your daily life.

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