Light of Abundance is an acronym for the spiritual tools, practices, and principles that have guided me along my own spiritual path. They are the 16 lessons I have learned on the journey of abundance, awakening, and wellness. 

  • Exercise Loving-kindness – Loving all beings, things, and situations as they are God expressing, and surrender into that loving-kindness with self-compassion.
  • Set Your Intention with Attention – Living life’s purpose, on purpose, with intention and attention to Truth. It’s about doing what you love that brings joy to your heart.
  • Connect with Gaia – A deep respect and connection with the earth that supports love and compassion for all living creatures and the environment.
  • Approach Healing with Reverence – Connecting to the Divine and know the Truth: being of sound mind, body, and spirit, and free from dis-ease, pain, and suffering. 
  • Take Time for Daily Rituals – A commitment to dedicating scheduled time each day for rituals that ultimately free up time for the creative process.
  • Believe in Optimal Wellness – The ultimate goal of connecting heart, mind, body, and soul. When all systems are working together, health improves.
  • Commit to Fitness – The state of health and wellness characterized by the brain and body’s ability to perform daily activities without excessive fatigue.
  • Be Open to Alternative Medicine or Healing Practices – A treatment or therapy that is not considered standard practice in conventional or Western medicine, such as affirmative prayer, aromatherapy and essential oils, Ayurveda, crystal healing, functional medicine, meditation, Reiki, spiritual healing, or tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT). Balancing the body using alternative medicine helps clear the mind.
  • Focus on the Breath – Breathing in the breath of God. Conscious heart-focused breathing brings about health and healing.
  • Understand the Power of Universal Laws – The principles that govern every aspect of our world and the Universe. They are often referred to as Spiritual Laws, Metaphysical Laws, or Laws of Nature.
  • Focus on Nutrition – Obtaining the food and nutrients required for healthy bodies and finding the right plan helps optimize wellness.
  • Detoxify the Body – There are many sources of toxins – chemicals are in the air, water, food, personal care products, and household products. Taking measures to eliminate these toxins and detoxify the body leads to a healthy mind and optimal wellness.
  • Embrace Awareness – Being mindful and fully present in every action, every thought, every conversation, and every situation. Mindfulness helps awaken the soul.
  • Be Here, Now – Learn from the past, but let it go. Don’t fear the future. Live in the now. Take measures today that lead to optimal wellness for a better life. 
  • Calm the Mind – A spiritual practice, such as mindfulness, meditation, prayer, silence, or paying attention to the breath, that allows one to release busy thoughts and enter into that space of peace and calm. 
  • Eliminate Stress – Stress comes in many forms – physical, mental, and emotional. Reducing or eliminating the negative stress brings about healing. Getting sleep and plenty of rest helps reduce stress and rejuvenate the body. 


The purpose of Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching is to help women with chronic pain achieve optimal wellness


The mission of Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching is to provide heart-centered coaching and resources to women experiencing chronic pain. Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching focuses on letting go of limiting beliefs and habits that block energy by replacing them with mindful self-compassion practices that lead to optimal wellness and a better life.


The vision of Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching is to transform the course of chronic  pain into a journey of healing the heart, mind, body, and soul one woman at a time. 


The guiding principles behind Light of Abundance Wellness Coaching:

  • Always listening and hearing what the client needs
  • Coaching from the heart
  • Seeing the client as whole, not broken